How to support your friends

The test of true friendship is when you are asked to be there for someone you really care for. A call to offer your services for moving day or to provide some much needed transportation to make it to an appointment will be a simple enough request to fill. Unfortunately, there are times when you know your friend is in need of help but they will not ask you. The worst thing you can do is to force your support on them as this generally has a negative reaction. It helps to understand what is troubling your friend before rushing in with both guns blazing. Simple conversations that do not come across like prying or an ambush is probably a great place to start.

There are many people who experience a financial roller coaster ride and fail to adjust accordingly. These can be particularly troubling times for your friend and probably when they would need you the most. Do not attempt to whisk out a few dollars or write a check because this will be perceived as a hand out. There are other ways to help someone such as inviting them out for a meal. You can also suggest a girl’s day at the spa where you pick up the tab. You can Offer to cover the responsibilities of running local errands. This is a great way to provide financial assistance because they will not need to stop at the filling station and burn up cash that they may not have.

Some friendships may be tested through goals that need to be achieved. Your friend may be dealing with weight issues and having a difficult time staying on task. Friendships are often tested and proven to be strong by being supportive through the buddy system. You may not have the same issues that your friend is dealing with but your support will go a long way in keeping them focused so they can achieve their goals. More often than not the reason for diet and exercising is health concerns and your assistance will help them to stick around a little while longer.

Relationships are probably one of the more challenging times to be supportive. Your friend could be on the outside of an affair and trying to decide the correct course of action. On the other hand, the tables could be reversed and your friend is asking for advice on how to leave the relationship unscathed. These are not the times to initiate a psychiatrist influence, unless of course you hold a degree. The best kind of support you can offer your friend in this instance is to be a good listener. It is important to remember that advice can be a double-edged sword so do not offer any unless you are prepared to live with the consequences.

Ireland Moves Ahead On Same Sex Marriage Bill: Will Other Countries In Europe Follow Suit?

Ireland officials recently passed a bill that will legalize gay/lesbian marriage. A signature from President Michael Higgins is the only thing that is required to make this bill a law. According to the Irish Independent, same-sex couples in Ireland can start getting married as soon as November.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald stated that the legalizing of same sex marriage is a joyous occasion. Senator David Norris stated that while Ireland is celebrating the legislation of gay/lesbian marriage. the work does not stop in Ireland. Jason Walsh is a reporter for The Christian Science Monitor. He stated that he is shocked that gay/lesbian marriage was legalized because over 85 percent of people in Ireland are Roman Catholics.

There are 20 countries in the world that have legalized gay/lesbian marriage. Two-thirds of these countries are in Europe. Ireland will be the 14th country in Europe to legalize gay/lesbian marriage. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Italy and Germany. All of the countries in Eastern and Central Europe have banned same-sex marriage.

Even though gay marriage is banned in Germany, same-sex civil unions have been legal since 2001. Gay/lesbian couples who are in a civil union have all of the rights as heterosexual couples except for the use of some reproductive technology and adoption.

Seventy-five percent of people in Germany stated that they believe same-sex couples should be able to get married. Chancellor Angela Merkel says that legalizing same-sex marriage is not on the agenda. Merkel has stated that there has already been a lot done for same-sex couples.

Twenty-five years ago, people would have never admitted that they were gay or a lesbian. However, people today are a lot more open about their sexuality than they were in the past. Italy is the only country in Europe that does not permit civil partnerships between members of the same sex.

Some cities in Italy have opened registries for same-sex couples. However, the country is still heavily influenced by conservative Catholics. Many conservatives today are shifting their position on gay/lesbian marriage. The Roman Catholic Church and Pope Francis are also softening their position on gay/lesbian marriage. The public debate about gay/lesbian marriage will likely continue for several years.